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Thursday, April 2, 2009

While researching my recent trip to San Francisco, I stumbled upon Anica, a bijoux boutique in the Russian Hill area that has been open for nearly two and a half years. The owner, Rati Sahi, was a business major in college and spent time in Europe before returning to the US to open the boutique. Perhaps her continental travels inspired the minimalism of the space: muted walls and clean lines calculated to let the clothing shine. If you are in the Bay Area, the shop is definitely worth a visit. There’s also a website and a blog where you can ogle the goods, a mix of emerging and established designers (including local designers).

“Anica is artful, conceptual, but still playful,” Rati Sahi says of the concept behind her Russian Hill boutique. The description can easily apply to Sahi herself, who does most of the buying in Paris and New York and looks for pieces that she describes as “clean yet edgy with an unexpected confidence through their imperfections.”

Rather than focusing on trends, Sahi says she tries to buy shapes and pieces that will last a long time. “I have to respect designers for their sensibility and vision,” she explains. “But I do love all the pants now—they are timeless and so much fun. Lots of room to be creative!”

above: a shot from the Anica Boutique website
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This season, Anica carries pieces from Wood Wood, Mociun, Acne and Rachel Comey. Sahi is especially thrilled to carry Danish label, Wood Wood: “I have been wearing the [loose and slouchy menswear-inspired] ‘Teresa’ pant with everything this season but the whole collection is great.” In terms of new emerging designers this season, Anica started carrying RosenMunns, a local designer based in San Francisco working with interesting prints and conceptual design pieces. As for pieces that are flying off the shelves-- Sahi says so far this season, they can’t keep the Rachel Comey clog “Show” or Acne anti-fit jeans in stock.

above: Rachel Comey clogs

above: Wood Wood "Teresa" pant

above: a sold out t-shirt from RosenMunns: "I Ate Mary-Kate"

The typical Anica customer, Sahi believes, is a woman who is “naturally original, with an understated sort of style… Someone who is intrigued by the artful clothing she wears. Someone who appreciates both emerging and well established designers and is also socially conscious. She cares not only about the end product, but what went into the piece she is wearing.”

Anica Boutique
2418 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 447-2878

What do you think of Anica? Do you think it reflects eclectic Bay Area style? I look forward to reading your comments!


nookie said...

love the sandals

Dream Sequins said...

hello nookie! i'm actually into the pants, too, as controversial as they may be with the dropped crotch ;)

RosenMunns said...

rosenmunns loves anica!

Dream Sequins said...

Hi RosenMunns. Thanks for visiting! We love you, too!

Brigadeiro said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! Although I've never purchased from them, I've had Anica boutique's online store bookmarked on my computer for ages! They have great stuff!

An online store I think reflects the SF eclectic style is, and a great store SF based is Elizabeth and Charles, they stock a lot of gorgeous Aussie designers, including my fave: Akira :)

Sarah said...

Haaa that I ate Mary Kate tee is amazing!

Ashley said...

The Rachel Comey shoes are gorgeous, I can see why they can't keep them in stock! I definitely want a pair!


Louisee x said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and double thanks for linking me, haha!

I love that 'I ate mary kate' tee, haha so funny!


Dream Sequins said...

Brigadeiro: Thanks for visiting and for the cool tips. I had seen Le Train Bleu before as well. Love the idea of "traveling" to new places online.

Sarah: Apparently other people love the tee as well, since it's sold out!

Ashley: Woods and neutrals are not usually my thing, but I'm totally drawn to them. I wonder if they're very heavy to wear?

Louisee x: Thanks for stopping by! :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, I know nothing about Bay Area style but that shirt is pretty great.

WendyB said...

Loving the shoes.

Dream Sequins said...

K: Yeah. I so want that t-shirt!

Wendy: The shoes are pretty, but as I said before-- wooden shoes can be tricky and heavy! But definitely pretty :)

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