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Thursday, April 16, 2009

above: a look from the Spring/Summer '09 lookbook
all images courtesy of RosenMunns

RosenMunns is the creative lovechild of design duo Sydney Rose and Ashley Munns. There is a sense of play about their designs, which I discovered via Anica Boutique. In fact, these girls literally took their idea for a womenswear line on the road from Arizona to San Francisco, where they are currently based. The creative duo truly personifies what it means to be independent voices in fashion: from their self-taught techniques to their bizarre yet undeniably beautiful inspirations. There’s a beauty about the simplicity of the label's separates, which at first glance, may not be to everyone’s taste. But step away from the stylized photographs for a minute, and you have intelligently designed pieces that could work with any modern wardrobe. Here’s the skinny straight from Sydney and Ashley about their label, along with pictures from Spring/Summer 2009 and a peek at Fall/Winter 2009.

Tell us the story about RosenMunns. How did you produce your first collection?

We had nothing to lose and, like mad scientists, cranked out the Fall/Winter '07 collection in a week. We shot our lookbook in Ashley's apartment and then threw our "kids" in the car for a drive to San Francisco. We stopped in Palm Springs to build our website at the local Shmarbucks and planned a trunk show with Anica's help. Within days we had successful sales, and promising press from Jargol and Nylon Magazine. We were thrilled and determined to keep going. We now both live in San Francisco and produce our line here.

How do you design your collections? Can you tell us about the inspirations behind Spring '09 and Fall '09?

Our design process starts with a few good ideas. The truth is we have no shortage of ideas - If anything we actually have a surplus of ideas. The real challenge is to hone in on the ideas that work well together and build a cohesive collection.

In our Spring '09 season the ideas orbiting our heads were things like the Big Lebowski, surfers, Suffragette City, magic eye puzzles, triangles, and unisexy pajamarama; while these ideas are laughable, we very seriously and consciously decided to restrain the color palette and stay within one garment shape throughout. In harmony with the triangular cut of each garment, we custom printed all the spring fabric with our own artwork. We wanted to take each thought and garment and lift it all to a higher level.

For Fall ‘09 we sort of took it one step further. We examined things that exist in a basic way (T shirts, gloves, piercings, and pockets) and gave them a new purpose - namely braid storage, hand warmage, and nipple pierceage. By using transparent fabrics in skintones, you don't have to have x-ray vision to enjoy the surged seams and their skeletal charm.

above: pajama inspired shapes from Spring '09

above and below: new looks from Fall '09

Where can we buy your clothing? Do you sell in boutiques? Online?

Anica Boutique
has supported us since the beginning. We had our first trunk show at Anica's store and they continue to stock our line four seasons later. They have an online shop, which provides a way for our fanbase outside of San Francisco to get their RosenMunns. We will be joining some other great designers for the launch of the Light Vision online store this April too. Light Vision will sell hard-to-find items from emerging designers and we are excited for people to find the shop.

Do you design for any particular customer?

Nope. The world is our customoyster.

We love your creative energy! Any plans for collaborations or expansion ideas for the line in the future?

We collaborated with DJ Mia Moretti on a mixtape to accompany our Spring/Summer '09 collection and we are working on volume two now. We are trying to expand our line, and the bottom-line is we want the whole wide world in our hands, which for Fall '09 just so happens to be in our pants.

For more information on the designers, check out Their pieces are currently sold at Anica Boutique and the newly launched Light Vision Store.

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The Haute-Shopper said...

Great clothes, thanks for sharing! The pieces and photography remind me a little of Margiela. I like how they're creating basics but trying to do different things with them.

Dream Sequins said...

Haute-Shopper: Thanks for the comment. I agree; they have a very art-driven aesthetic, but minimalist like Margiela. The Fall pics remind me a bit of the works by Bless as well. Good stuff! And I'm excited about checking out the transparent stuff for fall.

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