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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it just me, or does fashion seem to be running at an impossible speed these days? With coverage from every direction, blogs and news sources uploading photos, streaming videos of runway shows and people twittering away details from the mundane recitation of famous front row guests to backstage gossip, it all shatters the eardrums in a cacophonous mix.

I don't pretend to be an authority in all things fabulous. In fact, I would say that I'm the opposite of fabulous. I work an ordinary office job, which takes up entirely too much of my free time. During my off hours, I have started plugging away at freelance writing about the things I know and love. Recently, I began updating this blog on a more regular basis.

As you can see from my last entry, I love doing "market research" aka shopping and covering emerging designers and independent boutiques. I love talking to young designers because their energy and ideas, as nascent as they are, can be infectious in the best possible way; they are evolving creative beings, and I love exploring their creative process, as I can relate on some level as a once-struggling fiction writer.

So excuse me, dear readers, as I sort out my "blog identity." I'm still new to this game. I hope to share deeper commentary on that blend of art and commerce known as fashion. Sometimes it can be a heartbreakingly beautiful dress that makes your heart nearly skip a beat, and sometimes... it's simply a dress. But that piece of aesthetic happiness should be acknowledged, however fleeting. And this is what I hope to express through this blog. Thanks for reading.


Sarah said...

Great post! I agree, there seems to be info coming from everywhere. Running a blog is all about making it a little piece of you so keep doing what you're doing. I'd love to trade links with you if you're interested, I run a fashion blog as well. :]

Dream Sequins said...

Hi Sarah-- thanks so much for reading! Love getting comments because it feels like someone's actually reading :)

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