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Monday, March 2, 2009

above: "Estrella" peep-toe wedge booties for Acne

Fashion may be all about taking on new guises, reinventing and expressing oneself through clothing and accessories, but there are some items, brands or labels that I could never pull off, despite an irresponsible inclination to wear the most ridiculous items in the name of experimentation.

I'm not the type of woman, for instance, who would be able to pull off the above peep-toe wedge booties from Acne. We've been through the cycle of peep-toe before, and it's back with a vengeance for Fall. Maybe I would just buy them, and, if they called a snow day, like they did today for New York City schools, I would stay at home wearing a bathrobe and a pair of these wedges, staring at my feet.

Like peep-toe booties, I've never been able to convince myself that I'm "Marni" enough to wear a Marni outfit. I've tried to make it work, trying on multiple jackets and dresses at the boutiques, but there's something about me that resists the slightly awkward silhouette of the brand, which works so well on tall model types, but gets lost in translation on a more petite frame. But here, from A Shaded View on Fashion, we have a series of backstage pictures from Milan. Marni is like the madcap heiress aunt you never knew you had: intoxicating, with a touch of crazy.

Another thing I've never been able to pull off is the print dress. I've always associated prints with this fussy prairie flower print dress that my mother used to make me wear in the early 80s-- I hated it and so did my classmates, who were caught up in a neon lace Madonna moment. This season, the Brits pulled off digital printing techniques that boggled the mind and eye-- gorgeous! Mary Katranzou, a newcomer to the London Fashion Week tents, who specializes in such bold graphic designs, showed prints that went way beyond the floral print; some pictures via Susie Bubble. In this economy, when and if people are shopping for new clothing, they are looking for special pieces, and this type of printed art that just happens to be clothing, might be the "it" thing this season.


wolfwhistle said...

I love those shoes! I think they're very me - wedge + peep toe + black + lace-up = Amy - but I know what you mean about some things just never working for you.

You should persevere with the prints though! I firmly believe there's a print for everyone. x

Dream Sequins said...

Rock those shoes, wolfwhistle! As for me, I'm looking for the perfect print to debut in the spring :)

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