Jean-Pierre Braganza Shoes

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I should be doing research for a new article, but instead, here I am lost on the interwebs again, absorbing many of the wonderful designer blogs out there.

Just today, I stumbled upon this piece of shoe perfection on Jean-Pierre Braganza's blog.

And then it called to me:

Where, oh where can I see these shoes in person???

As a side note, I met the lovely JP himself briefly at a London Fashion Week party recently. He is by far one of the nicest, most down-to-earth designers I met in London. Very humble and boyishly charming, despite press accolades and famous fans such as Karl Lagerfeld.

Coincidentally enough, I had the pleasure of meeting JP at a party for shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, when he dropped a hint about some of his latest projects.

"One word for you," Braganza said simply: "Shoes."

These are not merely shoes, ladies and gentlemen, these are heartbreakingly beautiful pieces of architecture for the feet. What do you think about the designer's foray into footwear?


J said...

those shoes are hot!! wouldn't imagine they'd be beautiful AND comfortable?
- jeannie

Dream Sequins said...

Hi Jeannie-- I can't say about these shoes in general, but I find that platforms are comfy, especially if they are lightly padded inside. These are definitely more showcase shoes, as in, keep inside your plexiglass showcase of your walk-in closet-- type shoes.

J said...

i'm sadly out of the habit of wearing high heels, but beautiful ones like these might inspire me...

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