Hole-y Cow!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

above: Raquel Allegra shirt via jakandjil.com

I've been meaning to write this post (or rant) for some time now.

And this one's for the fellas, especially.

It's true that trends are embracing the shredded, holey aesthetic. And in some cases, like the Raquel Allegra shirt shown above, Rodarte cobweb-effect sweaters or shredded denim in general, the hole thing (pun intended) can be quite lovely.

But why must the Mr. insist on wearing his favorite shorts, a pair of threadworn khakis from a couple summers ago and other shirts and items with prominent tears in them, when there are many items in his wardrobe (like say, a lovely Yohji Yamamoto shirt given to him by yours truly) which remain untouched?

This isn't a matter of the Mr. being clueless in the fashion department. In fact, you might call his wardrobe a mix of fashion forward and "old man style" cute. So why this inclination to allow clothing to wear out their welcome?

Any thoughts?


The Haute-Shopper said...

I've given up trying to figure this out. I think men just have this odd attachment to items they refuse to let go. My guy thankfully only has 'house clothes' with holes in them (although it's bad enough I have to witness it!), but he has a few tees that are so faded and worn, I'm surprised they don't disintegrate in the washing machine!

Dream Sequins said...

Hi Haute-Shopper! Thanks for writing. I know I know I'm sneaky and bad-- but when I get the chance, I discard those hole-y items. I've started to constantly remind the Mr. about threadbare items. He's become like an absent-minded professor type. Eek!

lisa said...

I confess I'm guilty of hanging on to jeans and T-shirts when they're long past their expiry date, but they just get so darn comfortable. However, I do deprecate these items to "Wear around the house or when doing chores only" status.

inmode said...

Even though my Mr is worse than me with shopping habits and never wears the same out twice...I guess men like to do what works. I've read somewhere they go by that principle everywhere, if it worked once it'll work again..well, I really don't know a cure, maybe just wear dark sunnys - at least it's not that obvious to you through those ;)

Dream Sequins said...

Lisa-- Hi! Yeah, I don't mean to sound hypercritical about the Mr.'s inclination to waste not... at the same time, enough is enough with the hole-y things!

inmode-- I'm guilty of wearing the same thing over and over-- especially for office wear. And LOL that your Mr. is such a clotheshorse! What a stylish pair you two must make ;)

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Oh men...they will never learn! They are creatures of habit and need comfort, think of that tatty old threatbare jumper/tee/shorts as a slightly more grown up version of a comfort blanket!

Dream Sequins said...

Fashion Dreamer: Comfort blankets which become mysteriously lost in the wash. Haha!

Sarah said...

Men are a mystery when it comes to clothes haha. My boyfriend loooves to wear his jeans until their full of holes and completely unusable.

WendyB said...

It's cuddly?

Dream Sequins said...

Sarah-- who knew that this whole shredded jeans thing would take off the way it did? Consider your Mr. to be part of the vanguard.

WendyB-- the hole-y items are cuddly? Wonderful blog you have going. I'm adding you to my list :)

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