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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dream Sequins is a blog about independent and emerging fashion, with regular profiles of dreamy designers and boutiques around the globe. We also cover accessories, beauty, street style, personal style (AKA outfit posts!) and more. Originally launched in November 2008, the blog has expanded to make room for accessories and beauty coverage. Please read the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at dreamsequins@gmail.com.


Dream Sequins - Just the FAQs, Ma'am

A. Who is on the current editorial board of Dream Sequins?

Editor-in-Chief: Deanne Yee

From time to time, we may introduce guest bloggers and contributing writers for different geographic markets. All inquiries, pitches and other correspondence with our editors may be sent to the email listed above.

B. What is the editorial calendar for the rest of the year?

The weekly editorial calendar is subject to change, but we regularly cover accessories, designers, events, street style and personal style.

C. What is your disclosure policy?

Sponsored Posts: We clearly mark sponsored posts as such- in the title and within the body of the blog post.

Affiliate Marketing: This blog uses affiliate programs for monetization which means that when you click on links of certain products that are recommended in posts and make a purchase, this may result in commission credited to this blog.

Independent Opinions: The integrity of this blog is very important to us. All opinions expressed in this blog are our own, independent views, unless clearly marked as a sponsored ad.  Any samples for reviews are clearly disclosed.  We feel that we have built up a strong and loyal community of followers and would never do anything unethical in that regard.

D. Do you accept advertising or sponsorships?

We evaluate advertising and sponsorships on a case by case basis.

E. I am an independent/emerging designer or boutique owner and I would like to get in touch about being featured on the blog. May I submit a pitch?

Yes! We are open to pitches from new brands, designers and boutiques. Please contact the email above for more information.

F. Are you going to do more giveaways this year?

Yes! We are planning to do more exciting giveaways this year. If you are a designer, store or PR firm with giveaway ideas, please contact us. We are open to your ideas.

G. Do you attend events in New York?

The Editor-in-Chief lives in the New York area and regularly attends fashion and beauty industry events, including previews and showroom visits. Please contact us to learn more about our schedule.
We would love to meet you!


Want to learn more? Want to write for us? Have anything else you want to say? Please send an email to dreamsequins@gmail.com and we will try to answer your request as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading,

Dream Sequins


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