The Uniform

Thursday, January 29, 2015

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On most days, my uniform consists of some version of the above: a tee or button down, sweater layer if it's super cold, utiliarian black jacket, jeans and a pair of flats. While cleaning out my closet, I re-discovered these rad Margiela wedge boots. 

 photo 1Q6A6524_zpsvwcg6y43.jpg

 photo 1Q6A6519_zpstdcv2aon.jpg

The bag is a blue suede beauty by KARA- I discovered the brand while shopping at new Williamsburg spot, Concrete + Water. The jacket is a soft cashmere blend peacoat with the most flattering drape when left agape by Tess Giberson. I am a minimal jewelry person- but when I want to feel kind of fashion-y for a change, I wear a few stacked favorites from Sandy Leong and Jennie Kwon

 photo 1Q6A6501_zpsytmncaam.jpg

 photo 1Q6A6534_zpscdpusqxh.jpg

What's your go-to uniform?

Credits: Jacket by Tess Giberson // Shirt by GAP // Jeans by Madewell // Rings by Sandy Leong Jewelry and Jennie Kwon Designs // Bag by KARA // Shoes by Martin Margiela (Photos by Will Foster)

That Creative Spark

Monday, January 26, 2015

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I was on the phone with my Dad one day when he asked "Deanne, do you have any hobbies?" Which made me pause.

My leisure time is very precious to me- and I often spend it in the company of friends or my family. Having my own business is fulfilling and also deeply engrossing, but it doesn't count as a hobby.

Years ago, when I was working in law and disenchanted with my profession, fashion blogging was my hobby.  I started this blog over 6 years ago to launch a freelance writing career, and it became a more personal outlet- a place for me to share up and coming talent in the independent fashion world, and slowly, to share experiments in personal style. I am so grateful for Dream Sequins because it gave me the foot in the door. I left law to work at a PR agency, and two years ago, left that agency to found my own!

So for the past two years, I have been working and keeping my head down, but also feeling like a piece of me was missing. That creative spark. I knew I had to return to Dream Sequins, but didn't know what to write about other than being another frazzled new Mom in sweats. And while I respect Mommy bloggers, I didn't want to start writing about baby fashion or making baby food.  I simply wanted to reclaim my own space again.

So here I am, Dear Readers. Dream Sequins is my hobby once again, and I'm excited that the New Year will bring new features for the blog, including more market research (we need to uncover that precious indie talent in the world) and original interviews with the raddest people I have met in the industry. And yes, more outfit posts, too.

xx D

 photo 1Q6A6820_zpstmlrvkev.jpg

Credits: Hat by Club Monaco // Coat by Ann Demeulmeester // Top by Parkchoonmoo // Leather Shorts by Alexander Wang // Shoes & Bag by Rachel Comey (Photos by Will Foster)

If Dame Vivienne Westwood had a fashion blog....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I would read it everyday.  Religiously. Image via Hollywood Reporter.

Dream Jacket: Rick Owens Calfskin Biker Jacket

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rick Owens Calfskin Biker Jacket - the perfect black leather piece

My last leather jacket purchase was in Middle School. I remember saving my money to buy a stiff boxy number from Nordstrom and wanting to feel legit James Dean cool.  Unfortunately the cut was all wrong for my body type and super feminine wardrobe so the desired effect fell quite short of Rebel Without a Cause.  

Lately, my style has embraced more of the androgynous look - and I've been jonesing for a leather jacket purchase.  But which one?  My dream pick of the day is this buttery Rick Owens calfskin piece.  The perfect slouchy layer for grey days... What's on your dream list today?

Blogger Slumber Party with citizenM Hotel in Times Square

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Dutch "affordable luxury" hotel group citizenM recently launched in New York.  To celebrate, the citizenM team invited a mix of New York City bloggers including yours truly to take over the hotel for the evening with fun activities and all night to eat, drink and be merry.  (To be honest, I was most looking forward to a full night's rest in a king sized bed...  As the owner of a small business and a new Mom, the idea of a quiet night in a king sized bed sounded like "affordable luxury" to me!).

 photo photo57_zps9875dbb1.jpg

I checked into my room about an hour before the official launch party.  The standard size room is the width of a king size bed.  This being New York, the cozy size of the room did not surprise me.  What did surprise me was the way they managed to squeeze a rather comfortably sized shower and toilet into a bathroom "pod" island in the middle of the room.  I also dug the light settings in the room, which could be controlled at the touch of a button by a touchscreen pad near the bed.

 photo photo64_zpsf2501582.jpg

 photo photo60_zps9815f25d.jpg

I had plenty of work emails to review, so I fired up my laptop and did a test run of the hotel's free wifi (pretty fast) at the cozy work station.  I was never more productive in my life- clearing out my inbox in the focused quiet of that work space.  Maybe it was the promise of free flowing champagne at the launch party later, but I checked off all items on my to do list, and then started tackling some optional items.  Wow that felt good!

 photo photo61_zps7f877f75.jpg

 photo photo65_zps67a74925.jpg

After wrapping work and throwing on a little lipstick and my trusty Rachel Comey blouse, I took the elevator down to the main floor.  The elevator, by the way, is super conducive to flattering lighting for selfies.  I took a few.

 photo photo59_zps07dee329.jpg

What I wore that night: Rachel Comey blouse, Uniqlo jeans, Hermes cuff and Givenchy bag. One of my new blogger friends said I had cool "Tokyo style" when I told her my style was pretty "Momcore" these days...  I'll take that as a compliment!!

 photo photo58_zps7fed950b.jpg

One of the highlights of the evening was listening to the beautiful vocal stylings of Miss Alex Winston.

 photo hotel11_zps8592cc02.jpg

 photo photo56_zpsb0d0d1bc.jpg

At the end of the evening, I waited in line to get my portrait done by one of the house artists... My googly-eyed painting was done by Mike Perry.  This guy is super talented!  Loved this and it's a souvenir I will treasure of this incredible evening and slumber party in Times Square.

 photo photo55_zps52c20137.jpg

Last but not least, a sweet finish to a very memorable evening!  Thank you, citizenM, I will definitely be back for your free wifi and chill-quirky vibes...

 photo photo54_zpsd4616754.jpg

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